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What's up my Beardos and Weirdos!
Today we're diving into r/Egg_IRL. It's a wholesome collection of memes and stories similar to what you would find on r/Traa, the Trans subreddit, but geared more towards those who have only just realized who they are, or to those who are not yet ready for that realization, or those who are just not ready to come out yet -- those who are still within their shells.
I hope you enjoy this one. It was really fun and really silly, and I enjoyed this one immensely.
Oh, and if you'd like to grab a plushie, they're around for just a short time! Make sure to visit Makeship. :)
Do one thing for yourself today that makes you happy. Much love. 💜
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  • One Topic At A Time
    One Topic At A Time21 dzień temu

    Here’s the link to the plushie! 💜

  • Sarah J

    Sarah J

    3 dni temu

    I did go and look to buy one but I dunno if it's coz I'm from the UK but it came up at just over 40 dollars n I can't afford that BUT I hope you sell out and do super well!

  • Operation Cake

    Operation Cake

    13 dni temu

    I love your voice

  • Liam The legend

    Liam The legend

    16 dni temu

    You called beedrill zapdos pls get your pokemon right also i love your vids bye

  • Drue Perry

    Drue Perry

    19 dni temu

    Amazing shelf (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ)

  • Bella Noelle

    Bella Noelle

    20 dni temu

    r/omnisexual or just a video for the omnisexuals, please!!!! Thank you! We need more representation!

  • Cora Martin
    Cora MartinDzień temu

    Hey I know you don't know me but I'm a trans man And I've experienced a lot of Hate from my family Mostly from my mother and I have no idea what to do I know you're a great Ally Do you have any advice

  • Nulono
    NulonoDzień temu

    I saw the thumbnail, and now "♫I sleep all night and I work all day♫" is playing in my head, so thanks for that.

  • Emi Fukukado-MsJoke
    Emi Fukukado-MsJokeDzień temu


  • GD Chaos
    GD ChaosDzień temu

    Me literally wearing a dress, having had surgery, everyone in my life beliving and surporting me and having a pride flag on my wall: bUt WhAt If I'm AcTuAlY a MaN aNd Im FaKiNg It

  • biggest potato
    biggest potatoDzień temu

    I wish I could build a shelf like that

  • PH4N70MRenegade Gaming
    PH4N70MRenegade GamingDzień temu

    Human One, that is one stunning shelf! 😍🖤👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • TheStellaGaming
    TheStellaGaming2 dni temu

    That shelf tho... Mua *chef's kiss*

  • Jules Andrews
    Jules Andrews2 dni temu

    He has a lot clickity and one topic merch but it doesn't have the stash

  • ladyvoldything
    ladyvoldything2 dni temu

    grumpy ot + clicky kitty is OTP

  • Sylva Lane
    Sylva Lane3 dni temu

    6:20 I think the most ironic thing is that wearing skirts makes me feel less feminine

  • Shiori・4オリ
    Shiori・4オリ3 dni temu

    "yeah im non binary; i dont have much dysphoria" also me: sits in bed for hours looking at lesbian and trans memes without a hint of wanting to be a man

  • Your Stalker
    Your Stalker4 dni temu

    That's a fucking beautiful shelf

  • Allie J
    Allie J4 dni temu

    Human1! Your shelf is so nice, I hope you are proud of it!!

  • lilyflowerz
    lilyflowerz4 dni temu

    me: she her! wait... they/she? um. he/they? they them? he/him??!!

  • Charlez Jenkinz
    Charlez Jenkinz5 dni temu

    Why do I keep getting pruager u ads its annoying

  • Miki Kuhl
    Miki Kuhl5 dni temu

    Everyone I like is my gender envy And then I realized I'm not aligning with all genders But none I just I just see people okay with whatever they are And for me I was envious for people knowing who they really are... I still am. I'm happy at home I just I want to be happy with me! I want to be happy with me!...

  • Miki Kuhl

    Miki Kuhl

    5 dni temu

    Why am I not???

  • The Firebird, Ph03n1x
    The Firebird, Ph03n1x5 dni temu

    I may be a little late to the party, but Human 1 that shelf is beautiful, exquisite, never before seen, etc etc. Overall amazing job. IKEA is quaking.

  • Theeduckie
    Theeduckie6 dni temu

    “What about nascar” is “Left at London” on tiktok

  • Alfax Luis
    Alfax Luis6 dni temu

    Gender? Deleted The void? Unleashed Cupcakes? In the oven

  • Decepticus Prevails
    Decepticus Prevails6 dni temu

    1. Human1 did an amazing job with the shelf 2. Your videos are very wholesome 3. What number is your pewdiepie figure?

  • TheGreatBackUp
    TheGreatBackUp6 dni temu

    This is my favourite subreddit, please keep doing these!

  • BluntForce Gaiming
    BluntForce Gaiming6 dni temu

    I guess this is the safest place in all of the internet Im a transgender girl,

  • Merwin D'Souza

    Merwin D'Souza

    6 dni temu

    Have a nice day, young lady (^w^)

  • Modesty G
    Modesty G7 dni temu

    I love how my life has just become watching click vids and the coming over to OT to take a load off and cleanse my mind.

  • Wolfy Wonder
    Wolfy Wonder8 dni temu

    Everyone: Talking about gender and sexuality Me: *That's Beedrill, not Zapdos*

  • Lovisa Björnberg
    Lovisa Björnberg8 dni temu

    i have never seen a more boutiful shelf

  • Magx ;-;
    Magx ;-;9 dni temu

    why do I watch everything read every and click on everything about trans, enby, ect..... I think about being the opposite gender the normal amount guys...guys?

  • Aamukta Duggaraju
    Aamukta Duggaraju9 dni temu

    I was pretty sure I was a cis people for trans rights supporter . But then I realised I am not cis .

  • スティアジェネビーブ
    スティアジェネビーブ9 dni temu


  • Ash lefebvre
    Ash lefebvre9 dni temu

    That shelf is GORGEOUS

  • Ruby May
    Ruby May9 dni temu

    HRT is the best choice I've ever made

  • Wendylyn Jane L. Benitez
    Wendylyn Jane L. Benitez10 dni temu

    I feel like the egg on egg_IRL means.. Breaking out of the shell or is still in the shell just scared to go out of the shell :vv Probably is and I'm just dumb for not realizing sooner

  • TheGreatBackUp


    6 dni temu

    It is a metaphor for realising you are trans and when you realise you "hatch" hence the egg thing.

  • lilskippydude
    lilskippydude10 dni temu

    You're a great person OT!

  • Amy B.
    Amy B.10 dni temu

    I'm a week late, but that is an awesome shelf human one.

  • RJ The Half Blooded Eldrich
    RJ The Half Blooded Eldrich10 dni temu

    "Not from his parents" 😂

  • we are the followed
    we are the followed10 dni temu

    Okay i feel safe enough to say this, So im biologically female, im somewhat happy being female, but everything I relate to is 'male' . I get envious of the male form often but my partner is hetero and I don't want to make him uncomfortable. He said he loves me no matter what, but i don't know what I am, like am i cis? Or something else. Sorry for not knowing the right words , many thanks

  • Caleb Fury

    Caleb Fury

    6 dni temu

    You might be genderfluid?

  • timetraveling Hot dog bun
    timetraveling Hot dog bun11 dni temu

    7:32 I was confused why yt recommend me lots of trans vid Untill I found I out I am trans

  • Olivia Ksiag
    Olivia Ksiag11 dni temu

    That actually makes me wonder how many trans animals there are in the world, since most animals don't really have gender rolls apart from raising kids, so can they even be trans? Also, Ratitoulle is an amazing movie, and if it started being sexist they would have had to completely scrap the woman character because of the message she sends. I can't remember her name because I'm watching this late at night and probably should go to sleep.

  • Charlie Frost
    Charlie Frost11 dni temu

    Fun Fact, there is a prequel meme/Jojo meme subreddit

  • Crypto Scorch
    Crypto Scorch11 dni temu

    Can someone please explain the whole "Egg" thing to me?

  • Crypto Scorch

    Crypto Scorch

    9 dni temu

    @Sage Spaeth oh, thanks! Well, I'm not an egg then :)

  • Sage Spaeth

    Sage Spaeth

    9 dni temu

    Okay! An egg is a trans person who either thinks that they're cis or knows that they're trans but tries to deny it. I'm pretty sure that they're called eggs because they 'haven't come out of their shell yet'.

  • Ronco Gamer
    Ronco Gamer11 dni temu

    I'm upset by this video He called beedrill a zapdos!

  • Phaedra Kirby
    Phaedra Kirby11 dni temu

    I'm a biological female who is genderfluid, but I pretty much never feel like a girl. I either feel non-binary or like a man. Unfortunately, niether one of my parents would support any type of medical treatment to help me transition, so I'm just kind of stuck. But at least they don't hate me for it. I'm sorry to anyone who has super unsupportive parents, and I pray about it all the time. I hope I can do something to help those people someday. I love all of you and if you ever need help, don't hesitate to ask me. Love you!

  • Count Julius
    Count Julius11 dni temu

    Ah yes time to vibe to OT

  • piecheese1214
    piecheese121411 dni temu

    10:25 [Onetopic calls a beedrill a "Zapdos"] I know he corrected himself, but that's still an amazing brainfart. :P

  • TheBestPyro2505
    TheBestPyro250511 dni temu

    Bruh, that Baymax plushie on the shelf is staring into my soul

  • Overly Positive Fanboy
    Overly Positive Fanboy11 dni temu

    Ha! I literally shaved today.

  • Jessica Hartman
    Jessica Hartman12 dni temu

    Great job, Human One! I admire your craftsmanship

  • yecreeper
    yecreeper12 dni temu

    Even though I spend my entire day on his subreddit, I still show up for every one of these videos, because they are just so unbelievably wholesome.

  • hunter johnson
    hunter johnson12 dni temu

    I've convinced my mom to let me get my hair even shorter, since it's already like ear length and my grandma wanted to see some reference pictures of what I'm trying to get and so I show her like four and one of them is by a non-binary person and she's said "I liked the first one and the third one but the but the fourth one looks like a boy. is it a boy?" and I said "I don't know" and then this boo had the audacity and said " we ain't trying to look masculine" WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE.

  • WeáAmorfa(?)
    WeáAmorfa(?)12 dni temu


  • Felix Moonstone
    Felix Moonstone12 dni temu

    I'm coming out to my mom today and I'm just going to yell " I'M BI BYE" and head to my bus stop

  • TheBestPyro2505


    11 dni temu

    YES! Lol

  • Waffle THE WAFFLE
    Waffle THE WAFFLE13 dni temu

    Hello I'm very confused on my gender and idk what to do. I've been trying so hard to figure it out but I just can't. I've been so stressed about it and it's so hard for me to figure it out and idk why.

  • TheBestPyro2505


    11 dni temu

    Hey Waffle, I know how you feel. All I can tell you is that, you need to try new things. Explore yourself as best you can and find what makes YOU happy. If you're comfy in a dress, then wear a dress. If you're comfy in a suit, wear a suit.

  • Mike the Whizz
    Mike the Whizz13 dni temu

    Legos is cool

  • Mike the Whizz
    Mike the Whizz13 dni temu

    Dionysus was also the patron god of wine makers, so, that's cool

  • Demon prince of spuds
    Demon prince of spuds13 dni temu

    Not even gonna lie, if seen people build shelves. Those are so great shelves.

  • AolaDragonFang200
    AolaDragonFang20013 dni temu

    Okay but anyone who can draw that well with their non-dominant hand immediately has my respect- PS. Love the shelf!

  • Ayla Price
    Ayla Price13 dni temu

    shelf is beautiful

  • 8 Sucks At Everything
    8 Sucks At Everything13 dni temu


  • Becca notmylastname
    Becca notmylastname14 dni temu

    That shelf is awesome, nice work Human1.

  • Juju oof
    Juju oof14 dni temu


  • i forgot my name again
    i forgot my name again14 dni temu

    i literally just made an account to tell ot i noticed his outro music changed from drunken sailor to something else and i don’t think i like it

  • C I V I L - K U N
    C I V I L - K U N14 dni temu

    That shelf is beautiful,tho!

  • Heathen Creaturus
    Heathen Creaturus14 dni temu

    That's one handsome shelf

  • remi
    remi14 dni temu


  • Loreley Sparrow
    Loreley Sparrow14 dni temu

    pray to the shelf and to the queen who made it!

  • Aidan Flory
    Aidan Flory14 dni temu

    I love the shelf

  • Sabol Anton
    Sabol Anton15 dni temu

    5:05 he had to grow a mustache for another movie so they had to remove it

  • Sabol Anton

    Sabol Anton

    15 dni temu

    Sorry, didn't watch it

  • Byakuya Togami's Tumblr
    Byakuya Togami's Tumblr15 dni temu

    Friendly Reminder of the day: Your dysphoria doesn't need to be crippling in order to be valid. Sometimes gender dysphoria feels like you're being stabbed through the chest, and sometimes it feels about as inconvenient as not owning a tea kettle. Either way, you're valid.

  • ShatteredPsyche
    ShatteredPsyche15 dni temu

    OMG, that shelf looks amazing! Also a great video, but mostly OH WOW THAT SHELF!

  • Digital · Gutz
    Digital · Gutz15 dni temu

    *welcome to the cult of...* *DIONYSUS*

  • Adelia Ford
    Adelia Ford15 dni temu

    i got the CUTEST ad at the beginning of this video. it was a girl trying to name her goldfish and she asks what gender it is, then it goes on to talk about what transgender means and if you dont feel like your assigned gender to talk to someone and it explains about puberty blockers and how they work and how they can help. it talks about how its ok not to know your gender and that you can experiment with it. it goes back to the girl and her goldfish and she goes "oh i guess you might not know yet. thats ok! ill just call you Bubbles for now!" and i just wanted to put this out there because progress is being made. its slow, but its happening and i wanted anyone who might need to know that to see this. Ps: human 1's shelf is SPECTACULAR

  • Ducky
    Ducky15 dni temu

    Sick fuckin shelf! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Shikunaru
    Shikunaru15 dni temu

    The shelf is ✨ immaculate ✨

  • Nottodaysatan
    Nottodaysatan15 dni temu

    I want to eat the shelf

  • nope error
    nope error15 dni temu

    Content: amazing! Shelf: IMMACULATE Anyone who reads this: You're fantastic, I'm proud of you and I love you!!

  • Gay mushroom
    Gay mushroom15 dni temu

    hello!! the shelf looks amazing!! Love the video!! so glad so many PLwhiters and streamers are so supportive about the LGBTQ+ I'm just so happy to be able to go online and find so much support for everyone especially for those who have to put up with the hate from there peers. thank you


    Third time saying: OneTopic please watch She-ra and the Princesses of Power

  • Alice Swayer
    Alice Swayer15 dni temu

    THANK YOU human1 for not only making that beautiful, beautiful shelf, but also for educating OT on vines 👏

  • Alice Swayer
    Alice Swayer15 dni temu

    omggg there's a trans-prequel-memes subreddit??? pleeease make a video on that! that would be so awesome! 😍

  • boop _0mega
    boop _0mega15 dni temu

    I uses to think I liked/crushed on one topic but it turns out I just wanted to be him(meaning male and in touch with his feelings) and I haven't started my transition yet bc of christen parents but I finally know who I am (This comment is meant in the best of ways)

  • cherry._._ cos
    cherry._._ cos15 dni temu

    It’s a wonderful and fantastic shelf

  • Nadine
    Nadine15 dni temu

    No but, that shelf is too cool, and the lights are super cool (and match your hair lol)

  • Gui Smith
    Gui Smith15 dni temu

    I’m late but THAT SHELF IS BEAUTIFUL and I am envious Edit: OT’s messed up hair looked like a nest for all those eggs.

  • Alex Jinks
    Alex Jinks15 dni temu

    "are you a boy or a girl?" none, now allow me to steal your gender into my hoard.

  • sofie rosström
    sofie rosström15 dni temu

    yEs i found the video where the shelf has been finished!! very beautiful shelf indeed✨💙💜💖

  • Hikruu Yeet
    Hikruu Yeet16 dni temu

    The shelf is so lovely!! Good job Human1

  • charm
    charm16 dni temu

    omg i luv the shelf !! :D

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name16 dni temu


  • bibi la mera v3rg4
    bibi la mera v3rg416 dni temu

    This is a note for trans people from a cis: No one really cares about what's beetwen your legs and people who do, actually don't really have a life so they don't want other people to do have, so: be happy, be yourself, I know it's sometimes difficult but I promise, things will be better and if you're alright rn, things will go even better because YOU deserve it

  • Spookii Cat
    Spookii Cat16 dni temu

    Hello beardos and weirdos im saying thank u for getting me motivated to leave my dads come out to my therapists and im gonna start transitioning in the next couple months thx OT

  • Phllkxs
    Phllkxs16 dni temu

    11:52 Not to be transfobic but there's more explanations. Dwarvism Lack of growth due to lack of nutrition (Remy didn't like eating trash AKA the rats' main food) Not growing enough because of young age (it's heavily implied that Remy is a young rat) Let's get the non-gender related answers considered first ok? ok love y'all have a nice day.

  • I Like Cupcakes • 2020 years ago
    I Like Cupcakes • 2020 years ago16 dni temu

    That shelf though 🤌

    VEDANGI MEHROLIYA16 dni temu

    Be more accepting, don't be a dinguss. -OT

  • Ella Smith
    Ella Smith16 dni temu

    HUMAN 1 YOUR SHELF IS AMAZING!!! I LOVE IT😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • tomasfreeman
    tomasfreeman16 dni temu

    Intersex more like birth defect

  • I M _ T E D D Y
    I M _ T E D D Y16 dni temu

    Random but me and my friend were making a race for our oc and we decided that they wont have genders and they get to choose theirs when they have aged enough buuttt there exists no gender terms such as "he/him, she/her, they/them etc" and they can literally choose anything to be their gender. Like you can literally qualify as dinosaur. I also made a joke of this- "Hey, you know john right? whats johns pronouns?" "Oh john? Johns pronouns are 'mistake'!"

  • life ruiner
    life ruiner16 dni temu

    the shelf looks amazing!!

  • Christopher Wilson
    Christopher Wilson16 dni temu

    That's a man that has high shelf esteem.

  • Red_Echo_Panda
    Red_Echo_Panda16 dni temu

    9:35 that meme hits so hard I'm dieing I feel thy happy sad

  • /DemenciA\
    /DemenciA\16 dni temu

    thats a pretty cool shelf