GOOD vs BAD GIRL | How to Be Popular in School - E-Girl vs Soft Girl Funny Moments by La La Life


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When you're a soft girl, you want everything pink and light... your room, your clothes, your toys🌸You're a sweet girl with a pretty smile! When you’re an E-girl, you need all the stuff around you totally black! 🌚Even your makeup, your hair and your nails. But can these little differences get in between them? No way! 🦄
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00:00 Long nails problem
00:28 Morning routine
01:20 Good Girl vs Bad girl
02:22 Crush
03:11 Angry teacher
04:14 Music festival
04:42 Soft girl’s room
05:42 Makeover!
06:36 Party
07:36 E-Girl becomes Soft
08:33 Bathroom fail
09:45 Cake for you!
10:06 Concert
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