Girl Screams When Bison Comes At Car Window And Walks Away With Another Animal Hanging - 1188261


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  • Stephanie
    Stephanie3 godzin temu


  • Tremendous Yeet
    Tremendous Yeet4 godzin temu

    She just wanted to ask if you had a spare condom.

  • Zackaria De La Serna
    Zackaria De La Serna5 godzin temu

    I h8 fake c v n t s like her, why overreact? Just to record yourself? Quite pathetic

  • Caroline C
    Caroline C6 godzin temu

    I love these comments😂

  • Daryl Castillo
    Daryl Castillo8 godzin temu

    Foreshadowing, a three act structure, a book end and sexual activity - in an 18 second video!

  • Ethan Miller
    Ethan Miller10 godzin temu

    What that Bart simpson in the drivers seat

  • mauro gl
    mauro gl11 godzin temu

    Ridícula 🤦

  • Gabriel Bautista
    Gabriel Bautista11 godzin temu

    bruh 💀 i've seen this clip many times from various compilations but only seen the "hanging animal" just now because of the title 😂 i was wondering why she screamed at the last part... welp there goes that HHAHAHAHA

  • Aegon Targaryen
    Aegon Targaryen11 godzin temu

    This will be on everybodies recommended list 7 year down the road

  • Maron inc
    Maron inc11 godzin temu

    This girl will go places if she'd do reaction videos.

  • Gigi Parker
    Gigi Parker12 godzin temu

    Wow she moved on quick

  • ftrns
    ftrns14 godzin temu

    this video is PERFECT 😂

  • Manuj Madan
    Manuj Madan17 godzin temu

    Best clip on the internet goes to.

  • Shawxsh
    Shawxsh20 godzin temu

    Me whenever i approach women:

  • Being Homie
    Being Homie21 godzinę temu

    I watched it twice to understand why she yelled twice XD

  • GorillazGames
    GorillazGames23 godzin temu

    I think the internet should deem her an all around good gal.

  • Darksider95
    Darksider9523 godzin temu

    Hey girl! Let's have some girl talk!.. hold on my boyfriends a little busy back there...

  • Christian Utama
    Christian UtamaDzień temu

    Bison: sis help, I got molested. Woman: no thank you.

  • Aimi
    AimiDzień temu

    “NO TANK YOU” Hey.... sorry I yelled..

  • Volkihara
    VolkiharaDzień temu

    Isn't wildlife amazing?

  • Goku Black
    Goku BlackDzień temu

    She's kinda cute

  • Ninjaananas
    NinjaananasDzień temu

    Foolish to ruin such a moment. Though she was scared.

  • Mayme
    MaymeDzień temu

    Me with my relationships: I push them away slowly. Apologise. They leave.

  • ryla1490 ryla1490
    ryla1490 ryla1490Dzień temu

    “Sorry I yelled” 🤭😂

  • bis. on
    bis. onDzień temu

    My name is bison I feel so offended

  • Sahil
    SahilDzień temu

    Sex education season 3 and season 4 is in under development 😂

  • Rob Tomas
    Rob TomasDzień temu

    It's funny that her shirt says new buffalo maybe that caught the bison's attention lmao i am kidding

  • Cruce Entertainment
    Cruce EntertainmentDzień temu

    Why would I want to license this video? I just want to laugh at it.

  • TAsia
    TAsiaDzień temu

    The laugh at the end lmfao

  • Kaiser Corpse
    Kaiser CorpseDzień temu

    When I read the tittle I thought it was related to street fighter somehow

  • Abdul Qadeer
    Abdul QadeerDzień temu

    To be honest bison looks more beautiful and majestic .

  • Bʟɪɴᴅᴇᴅ Tʀᴀsʜ
    Bʟɪɴᴅᴇᴅ TʀᴀsʜDzień temu

    I would pet it 🌝

  • A Mauritanian Nomad
    A Mauritanian NomadDzień temu

    That's a boy my lads.

  • thelegittj
    thelegittjDzień temu

    Needs a tony baker voice over

  • Anomaly
    AnomalyDzień temu

    Imagine if we lived in the wild.. we would freak out like this at everything..

  • cardinal8
    cardinal8Dzień temu

    Banging might have been a more accurate word

  • Lovan Paul
    Lovan PaulDzień temu

    This video is rollercoaster of emotion

  • Fool Slayer
    Fool SlayerDzień temu

    I would be petting it if it came up to the car.

  • Chicklet
    ChickletDzień temu

    Why she look like a female version of callmecarson

  • Hippie
    Hippie2 dni temu

    Jajajajaja 😂😂😂

    ZOMBIYH2 dni temu

    Bison tried to ask for a threesome but ended up getting its offer rejected

  • Symp Musical
    Symp Musical2 dni temu

    Sister bison was just trying to give her advice to stay away from the thirsty men🤣

  • sai durgaa
    sai durgaa2 dni temu

    I love her so much already

  • Nicky Sharma
    Nicky Sharma2 dni temu

    The another animal wasn't 'hanging'. He was 'banging'.

  • The mort Cult
    The mort Cult2 dni temu

    Now this is entertainment videos like this should win awards for real!!!

  • codecaine
    codecaine2 dni temu


  • Nayeon's uwu
    Nayeon's uwu2 dni temu

    this 19 second clip has enough plot for four seasons on netflix

  • Gamal
    Gamal2 dni temu

    Buffalo was like "Hey humans can u help me get this thing off my butt?" and she is like "haaaaaaaah!!! Sorry i yelled" and then its like "meh its fine i guess u dont want to help me" *runs away*

  • Ya Na
    Ya Na2 dni temu

    ┏━━╮┏┓┏┓╭━┓┏━┓ ┃┏╮┃┃┃┃┃┃╭┛┃┗┓ ┃┃┃╰┛┃┃┃┃╰┓┃┗┓ ┗┛╰━━┛┗┛╰━┛┗━┛

  • Abhishek Mohapatra
    Abhishek Mohapatra2 dni temu

    Did she just yell 'fuck u' , and another bison executed that order ?

  • skeR DUDE
    skeR DUDE2 dni temu

    Mom after beating me Mom: hey baby come here for dinner Me "No thank you"

  • æsthxticʕ·ᴥ·ʔbear
    æsthxticʕ·ᴥ·ʔbear2 dni temu


  • Satellite Boy
    Satellite Boy2 dni temu

    Karma is bitch

  • - Harley Quinn -
    - Harley Quinn -2 dni temu

    See you all back in like 10 years when everyone gets this on Thier recommendeds

  • A. Rose G
    A. Rose G3 dni temu

    I love her accented no, no thaankyoouu..slow window roll up and cute expression apologizing. Perfect timing. Perfect clip.😆👏Cannot unsee it, though. 😂

  • Squall flipz madmax
    Squall flipz madmax3 dni temu

    0:02 looking like "yo got food? Na? All I good I have mines"

  • MouseLover
    MouseLover3 dni temu

    i thought there would be an animal on its horns not on its cheeks

  • Sam Gilley
    Sam Gilley3 dni temu

    That laugh at the end...

  • adriana nadine
    adriana nadine3 dni temu

    the yelling, the sweater, the animal hanging and the laughter in the end ITS SO PERFECTLY COMEDIC

  • Debra Johnson
    Debra Johnson3 dni temu


  • Ayumi
    Ayumi3 dni temu

    That was a cute bull 🐂

  • Frezzco
    Frezzco3 dni temu

    They think she's one of them You can figure out why

  • sta1.m
    sta1.m3 dni temu

    ‘Another animal hanging’ thats a wrong way to say that😂😂😂

  • Xavier
    Xavier3 dni temu

    She watched David's affair

  • Ferg's Chinese Food
    Ferg's Chinese Food3 dni temu

    The bison is clearly way out of her league

  • Moosa Awad
    Moosa Awad4 dni temu

    This is what I call “on the fly fuckage”

  • G00se Gem
    G00se Gem4 dni temu

    There are so many layers to this video

  • David James
    David James4 dni temu

    Did this happen on a Wednesday (hump day)?

  • John Hein
    John Hein4 dni temu

    When nature loving SJW’s visit real nature not just what’s depicted by environmentalists and r/earthporn

  • Akhsin Ilhami
    Akhsin Ilhami4 dni temu


  • Bear Sommerfeld
    Bear Sommerfeld4 dni temu

    I'm from NB, MI... our mascot is ironically the Bison lol

  • amma crellin
    amma crellin4 dni temu


  • Pes is Awesome
    Pes is Awesome4 dni temu


  • GUESS MY name
    GUESS MY name4 dni temu

    Jumpscares in horror games be like :

  • Natsu Dragneel
    Natsu Dragneel4 dni temu

    I need more context behind this 😂

  • Ava Korea
    Ava Korea4 dni temu

    She screamed cuz she remembered when her boyfriend had done the same thing

  • Akshaya
    Akshaya4 dni temu

    This has a better plot than most movies i have seen

  • Kay Rascon
    Kay Rascon4 dni temu

    There's so much in one clip 😂😂

  • John Carlo Infiesto
    John Carlo Infiesto4 dni temu

    Sadt Appa Noises

  • Relic Monka
    Relic Monka4 dni temu

    She approached her so she can be safe from that creepy bison

  • Moj Pub
    Moj Pub4 dni temu

    😂😂😂😂 it was asking for help i think

  • Roshan Kumar
    Roshan Kumar4 dni temu


  • Sunshine .e
    Sunshine .e5 dni temu

    oh is that appa?

  • E. Simon
    E. Simon5 dni temu

    Brother Bison

  • Steve's
    Steve's5 dni temu

    We saw that happen to a lady

  • Dks• Shadow
    Dks• Shadow5 dni temu


  • The Fanciful Gun
    The Fanciful Gun5 dni temu

    I think the two animals were fuking

  • Just Korbii

    Just Korbii

    3 dni temu

    You think

  • Gautham G
    Gautham G5 dni temu

    May be the bison came to complain to her about the abuse. The girl didn't care to hear 🙄

  • piyush arya
    piyush arya5 dni temu

    Yup yup

  • Niiyah ém
    Niiyah ém5 dni temu

    For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For everyone has sinned, we all fall short of God's glorious standard. For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord. But God showed his great love for us, by sending Christ to die for us, while we were still sinners.

  • Aditya Pandey
    Aditya Pandey5 dni temu

    If Dwight Schrute had a daughter.

  • Axy
    Axy5 dni temu

    there's so much to take in i dont even know where to begin

  • sal alvarez
    sal alvarez5 dni temu

    She’s cute

  • Beetlejuice's Fans
    Beetlejuice's Fans6 dni temu

    Cute af whats her @

  • Sxnnybelle
    Sxnnybelle6 dni temu

    Her mom: *hahawahueh*

  • Appu Reacts
    Appu Reacts6 dni temu

    Bison came to check out the new buffalo 🐃

  • Roman Zerstören
    Roman Zerstören6 dni temu

    What a smart girl.

  • gaming station
    gaming station6 dni temu

    Erling haland is that you?

  • Why. Just why.
    Why. Just why.6 dni temu

    Is that illymation

  • Jiminah Ari
    Jiminah Ari6 dni temu

    Remember when tailor swift said her boyfriend broke up in 25 sec. Looks like there's been an updation.