Lawyer & Doctor React to Grey's Anatomy Malpractice ft. Doctor Mike

Beeoowooop. Doctor Mike is back! And this time we're dissecting a (terrible) legal episode of Grey's Anatomy. Watch PART 1 on Doctor Mike's channel:
Watch us go head-to-head, again,

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  • Doctor Mike
    Doctor MikeMiesiąc temu

    If the sponge is lit, you must acquit 🧠🧽 🔥

  • Aaiza Talib

    Aaiza Talib

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  • L J

    L J

    13 dni temu

    I think with the sponge they were trying to establish that during the initial surgery she was too distracted to keep track of the sponge

  • Jordan Duffield

    Jordan Duffield

    15 dni temu

    I honestly love watching videos with them together because they are both so intelligent

  • Just Jojo

    Just Jojo

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  • skulqerX


    22 dni temu

    Great video ! just a heads up we do have orthopedic surgeon who does do both vascular and orthopedic boards certification. The doc attached a severed leg from bone to neural to vascular tissue .

  • Raidok
    RaidokGodzinę temu

    Idk why but Dr Mike reminds me of Paul Rudd

  • H S
    H S12 godzin temu

    You guys should react to the bucket list!

  • Amy Liu
    Amy Liu17 godzin temu

    infinity war: we're the most ambitious crossover in history this video: hold my beer

  • Britni Weiss
    Britni WeissDzień temu

    Wouldn't the doctor's statement as reported by the girlfriend be allowed as hearsay under the excited utterance rule?

  • GlenStarbuck
    GlenStarbuckDzień temu

    Can y'all please colab more

  • 1Kakini
    1KakiniDzień temu

    Show me the text!

  • Om Prabhu Buddekar
    Om Prabhu BuddekarDzień temu

    Next time House MD

  • Ben Hoffman
    Ben HoffmanDzień temu

    LegalEagle may be interested to know in New Zealand this wouldn't happen because of our no fault accident compensation scheme which replaces the right to sue for personal injury including treatment injury 👍

  • Beau Chance
    Beau ChanceDzień temu

    two of my favorite youtube nerds working together... It's christmas.

  • Jared Richards
    Jared RichardsDzień temu

    Yay!!!! Finally teamed up!! How did I miss this!!

  • Raphkole Morrison
    Raphkole MorrisonDzień temu

    This is the most ambitious cross over

  • Autistic Commando
    Autistic Commando2 dni temu

    OMG! I have been waiting for this! You are my two favorite professionals. Love it.

  • Alternate Endings and edits
    Alternate Endings and edits2 dni temu

    The whole time I was watching this video all I kept thinking is why didn’t Uriel just heal the guy then I remember Uriel is a dick and doesn’t care about humans

  • Dave
    Dave2 dni temu


  • Rimfire 82
    Rimfire 822 dni temu

    Maybe this was all just a massive ploy to steal a Sponge. Where is the sponge?

  • Carey Jones
    Carey Jones3 dni temu

    Okay watching this raised a question for me by the way awesome video I'm a new subscriber because of watching the doctors video part 1 of this but you said that they can negotiate settlements all the way up until the time that the verdict is read by the jury it seems to me that although you don't no with a hundred percent certainty that the jury is going to go one way or another you as a lawyer I'm sure have some idea if not in the 90 percentile of what the jury's going to say I don't know it just seems a little unethical on the plaintiffs part to go through with the trial see if it goes well and then if it doesn't say oh I want to settle well I said on the plaintiffs part but I guess it depends on the situation it could be the defendant who is unethical doing this

  • Gugu Ngwenya
    Gugu Ngwenya3 dni temu

    I came here after watching the 1st part on Dr Mike's channel. Loved this!

  • Carey Jones
    Carey Jones3 dni temu

    Guys I'm not saying that this is going to happen it could leave us just feeling frustrated cuz I haven't seen this episode I really don't even watch Grey's Anatomy but if you know anything about TV shows there's a lot there leaving out until the end to preserve the aha Factor

  • Adore. Liyah
    Adore. Liyah3 dni temu

    He so stuck on the sponge lol. I love it💀

  • Uma Menon
    Uma Menon3 dni temu

    Can you react to community?

  • The Lovely Sarah
    The Lovely Sarah3 dni temu

    He said that 'you can't buy a hip joint on eBay' but I did buy a cuddly one today for my sister-in-law who is having a replacement soon... ☺

  • King Washington
    King Washington3 dni temu

    I think because there's so much negligence on everyone's side I think everyone's suggest sue each other.

  • matts417
    matts4174 dni temu

    I totally wish there was more of these I love the mashups

  • ׄ
    ׄ4 dni temu

    i feel like im learning something but at the same time learning nothing

  • Becks
    Becks4 dni temu

    I'd be interested to see them do this with a grey's watcher and see if that changes thing

  • William Taylor
    William Taylor4 dni temu

    Love you guys!

  • Mist Crypt
    Mist Crypt4 dni temu


  • Mist Crypt
    Mist Crypt4 dni temu


  • Ramona Hernandez
    Ramona Hernandez4 dni temu

    I’ve learned so much! I really enjoyed this!

  • Wykd
    Wykd4 dni temu

    Why are these two so attractive?

  • MST
    MST5 dni temu

    16:30 My understanding is that there WAS a sponge left in there, and was blamed as the reason for the infection, but it turned out that the left sponge was not the cause of the infection.

  • Michaela Roga
    Michaela Roga5 dni temu

    It is absolutely ridiculous that there are ads every two minutes. Insane.

  • Érika Joyal
    Érika Joyal5 dni temu

    I would've send him to another doctor that has already proceeded with this type of hip and assist him to learn! How hard is that 🙄 less see them in court Edit: Hip recalled LOL 😂 that one was good Edit 2: If the sponge don't fit, you gotta quit 😂

  • Man -
    Man -5 dni temu

    Throw donut operator in this aswell to get a dynamic trio

  • Margo Winchester
    Margo Winchester5 dni temu

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    ryan mervin5 dni temu

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    7:47 wow msut be so small in Canada

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    Vospader216 dni temu

    We have PLwhites Lawyer, and PLwhites doctor in the same video. Now all we need is an accountant channel to blow up to complete the trifecta.

  • David Sandrock
    David Sandrock6 dni temu

    This collab = based af.

  • Cocutsa M
    Cocutsa M6 dni temu

    Are they aware this is a tv show and the sponge thing was a misdirect for the audience, or?

  • ChompChomp
    ChompChomp6 dni temu

    I ship these two :v

  • Amber Greydanus
    Amber Greydanus6 dni temu

    Schrödingers sponge. But who was sponge. All your sponge are belong to us.

  • Eijiro Kirishima
    Eijiro Kirishima7 dni temu

    Dr. malpractise, if you get this, like get the actual reference, I am proud

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    João Mateus7 dni temu

    I think you guys want to much details, but are forgetting it's a tv show

  • João Mateus

    João Mateus

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    @Joy Dash ?

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    Joy Dash

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    João Mateus

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    Filip Matic8 dni temu

    Can you please do Law abiding citizen ? I've looked but i dont think you covered it. Thanks

  • J Doe
    J Doe8 dni temu

    What episode is this? I don't watch this show but the actor who played the gf is so pretty I wanna watch this episode lol

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  • Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia
    Sphenopalatine Ganglioneuralgia10 dni temu

    Objection: (not really an objection)... The client requests Psych season 1 episode 12 "Cloudy with a Chance of Murder" be 'Real-lawyered.' It's a comedy TV series featuring a 'psychic' detective and in this episode they take a bumbling lawyer as a client to help him with his case in court. Alternatively, take any episode of Psych and rate it for breaking the law, because that would be pretty fun.

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    ロドリゴRodrigo10 dni temu

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    Séverine Della Porta10 dni temu

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  • Rori Morgan Williams
    Rori Morgan Williams11 dni temu

    I stopped paying attention to the validity of Grey’s Anatomy a very long time ago and accepted it as the PM soap opera it is.

  • Vinson Sorensen
    Vinson Sorensen11 dni temu

    Hey I was wondering if you can take a look at the trial of Ashoka Tano in the Clone Wars Star Wars animated show. Specifically on how they accuse her of crimes just cause she is in the vicinity of them. I would love to hear your thoughts on it. And on the evidence needed to be actually framed for a crime.

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    Solutions For a bright future12 dni temu

    Imagine if cops treated bad cops like lawyers and doctors treated bad lawyers and doctors.

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    How does anyone watch this terrible shitshow? These two perfectly picked apart this joke of a show. Soap opera that happens to take place in a hospital, nothing more.

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