Parkour - Animation vs. Minecraft Shorts Ep. 22


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    Don't watch this reaction/director's commentary it's no good:

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    . اقبلنا اقبلنا دي حلوه حلوه

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    2 pet

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    Peppa crown?

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    2:50 me after watch it: HE DID IT, HE DID THE THING

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  • ur gay :/
    ur gay :/Dzień temu

    Just remembering the old good days

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    Nasıl bir kafadır buuu helal olsun cidden

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    So sad 😭

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    No va acer el episodio final😱

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    Did anyone realise at the end all the times end with 1:59:29?



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    Oh ya dont tap the time stamp or it will glitch out

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    you should have added that one Russian parkour song

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    Perfect name for piggy technoblade

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    OMG I love park our I am everytime play minecraft parkour

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    orange last video: we shouldn't go with him orange this video: yay!!!!!!!

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    É sopezki

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    My godson loves watching these videos..and hes only 5.

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    Really, is nobody going to talk about how the music at the end sounds like pigstep?!

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    Is No One's gonna talk how this guy has 3 likes, yet being on the top of all comment?

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    this guy has the capacity to work at pixar i swear

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    لى jkfjwhxjd. Jwjwwj

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    I love it too much, seeing them do parkour and fight at the same time, it's just wonderful. in addition I love how they are animated

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    Palsu sus king orange

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    Have continue?

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    Pls episode 25 I love your vids

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    Todo puñetas

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    geting disny movie vibes

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    Remind me why this has so many dislikes

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    Bom demais pra ser um bom trabalho e de alta tecnologia, diversão e eu tô fazendo

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    Bom demais pra mim

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    Bom dia paz,

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    Purple and King Orange going to dead. Find Then and kill him

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    I love how in 3:37 the pig doesn't go in the teleport and yet is still first with purple.

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    E Boi

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    I just realize that

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    Seriously this guy’s creativity seems to have no bounds!

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    16:35 that's how it ends😭😭😭

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    Trey S5 dni temu

    Wait... Y did Purple betray the Stick Figures again I thought he befriended them in League of Legends

  • Tim Cizej

    Tim Cizej

    4 dni temu

    He is a traitor. He is probably a sociopath, unlike King Orange, who is a psychopath, because he shows some empathy and is able to form some sorts of relationships. But his relationships are not healthy and he does not want to really befriend our heroes, because his ego still hurts, since they have beaten him in League of Legends and in episode 10, where our heroes stay friends, but purple loses ender dragon's egg and his position as a king. This is why, he, hungry for power, starts a submissive relationship with King Orange, who has a great masterplan and includes purple. Since both of them are very wicked, work only for their own good and both have antisocial personality disorder, we may expect them to betray each other in case things start going south. We are left to wonder.

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    dude the music is awesome can i dowanload it somewhere?

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    Lime green stickman is my favorite

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    Is This Father? 8:01

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    mobile legends vs animation plesss

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    Looks like spiderman

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    Aapko number ko ek mummy ko hai

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    Green trying to get to the bastion with a fishing hook and completes it: I guess I'm the new spiderman!

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    Purple is LEADER !! Gooo....

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    this is better than the dream smp lore

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    What if Alan Becker Create A New Stickwomen Character Like This If You Like StickWomen Alan Becker Will Surely See This.

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    @nobody stop ? You kinda deteriorated from the subject there, bud

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    Voch 123

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    @nobody stop no, I don’t know it

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    nobody stop

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    @Voch 123 Since I'm Not A Big Fan Of Alan Becker's Stickman Animation. But His Video Makes Me Goes Exciting. In 3 or 4 Months Ago , I Started To Change. And The Most That I Get Addicted Was *COD Mobile* In Minecraft.... There Are THINGS is not even make sense at all. Like example : The Pocket. For How Many Storage Max ? 64 32 16 SRSLY ? In real life Pocket was putting it A... Cellphone Monies Pocket that there's a license and etc. Gun And More. But Don't On The Pocket Has The *Heavy* .

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    nobody stop

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    @Voch 123 If Gets Too Many Likes.... Then Everyone Will Notice This Comment. I believe It's Less People Likes StickWomen Figure. So.... You know it

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    @nobody stop so why are you asking for likes?

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    LOL 2:50

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    Did no one notice that they all got 1:59 minutes in the last parkour

  • Vendetta


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    That’s seconds and milliseconds

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    الاخضر والخنزير مش هيخرجوا يعني

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    Where pt2

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    6:34 Execute order 66.

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    the music at the and was definitely So Greatful

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    I love you alen😘

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    Lol if the Pig Drink all of the Potions the Pig will Deafeted the Purple like TechnoBlade so they don't have any Trouble all the Day Long

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    Ari Hernandes6 dni temu

    i like how pig is just a regular at this point

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    Worst video in youtube

  • Fernando Leonel Alba
    Fernando Leonel Alba7 dni temu

    SC never wins any competition despite clearly being the best at everything. Why do they still trust purple? The guy is basically Loki

  • The Shiny Thunderclap Pokémon, Zeraora
    The Shiny Thunderclap Pokémon, Zeraora7 dni temu

    Someone needs to add subtitles to this video.

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    green is the hero

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    É muito legal esse vídeo

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    Né nao

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    E Also I love your animations

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    Hope you make ep 22 part 2

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    and berrok

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    this is just a short film

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    a good one at that

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    Look like a new stick figure and he's a king and taller than the others

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    Nice 👍

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    i just found this out but the bastion in minecraft is a reference to the french prison called bastille where it was a castle built to encage convicts people fought for the bastille and people died trying to save the convicts in the prison. Today the bastille was taken down but remains a day called bastille day in france in july 14th where they celebrate the people who died trying to gain freedom

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    Portal was in parkour and pilgins green was locked right? Let's save green

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    Red won! LETS HEAR IT FOR RED!

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    Haminiz bu ne dildi yazmisiz

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    Ăn ít lồng tiếng gì

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    The orange king is a haker hes defeat technoblade using commands what a haker 🤣

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    What's going to be the next episode?

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    The way you added them is just so cool😊

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    buen capitulo

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    This is an anime now.

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    I like how orange is bullying yellow

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    do a video of terraria

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    Thank you so much,Alan Becker. This is the best animation I've seen in my entire life. What a masterpiece🤩.

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    اختم احكام صلاه الجنازه العسكريه في السماء